Resilience Boutique by PEH LLC

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Irresistibly Fragrant Products

Resilience Boutique by PEH LLC in Petersburg, Virginia sells a variety of beauty and body care products, as well as homemaker must-haves, that are gentle on skin. These organic products contain mild fragrance that is hard to resist. As part of our commitment to caring for the environment, all items are paraben-free and cruelty-free.


  • Lip Balm
  • Lip Moisturizer

  • Lip Gloss

Body Care 

Prevent premature aging and skin dryness with our 100% soy body lotion and body mist. We use a special formula filled with natural essential oils and extracts to keep your skin soft and supple. Body washes, colognes, and perfumes are also included in our body care collection. These natural, scented items make worthy additions to the hygiene and grooming kits of men and women alike.


Keep your home smelling fresh all day with a few spritzes of linen or room mists. Our linen mist contains natural ingredients that provide a calming effect for the senses. If you want to set the mood, we also have 100% soy candles that are dye-free. These candles do not have added chemicals for less soot and a cleaner burn.