Resilience Boutique by PEH LLC

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Kind Words from Clients 

Resilience Boutique by PEH LLC in Petersburg, Virginia has a number of satisfied customers willing to share how happy they are with our products. Here are some of them.

"Phyllis Branch-Hughes, thanks for the Resilience Boutique by PEH LLC soap! The smell is very relaxing. It is the only soap that I have found that has not affected my allergies. I can't wait to purchase the set which includes the lotion, the soap, and the body spray."

- Sonya B.

"I Love the Soap...It makes my skin so soft and silky!! I'm a sensitive kind of woman, but with this soap, I have no Problems!! The smell is a Girly girl smell..not to loud, but soft, sweet and vibrant. Please hurry and get it on the market, so I can Rack Up on It. Now that you introduced me to your perfume....good god from Zion!!I love all 3. But #2, and #3 are my favorite. I love it. Its definitely a gurly girl smell. Soft, classy, and a passoniate smell. Can't wait, until it comes a board. Gods blessings upon you and your family!  ‪#‎iamagurlygirlfan!!!”

- Regenia C

"Got my RESILIENCE BOUTIQUE BY PEH LLC soap and I love it. I have psoriasis and I'm very particular what I put on my skin. Soft soap, does not make my skin dry!!! Soft and I love the luring smell after your bath.. I would love it in liquid also!!!! TY Phyllis Branch-Hughes for allow me a sneak peak... IM SOLD!!! Lol I love it, GREAT JOB. The smell I instantly knew the blend.. I did notice when I take a bath a bedtime relaxing smelling the chamomile."

– Tawanda W.

"So I'm not a big bar soap fan....until NOW! My friend Phyllis Branch-Hughes is starting a new business, Resilience Boutique by PEH LLC, and I got a sneak peek of her lavender soap today. I'm in LOVE with Resilience Boutique by PEH LLC! My skin feels so smooth after using it and I can't stop smelling myself. YES, it's that good! She is surely going places with this new adventure of hers. Super excited for her. ...Resilience Boutique by PEH LLC will be open for business soon. I'll make sure and share her website once it launches. Thanks so much girl for sending me a sample. Can't wait to order up!" 

Emily N.

"If anyone is interested in buying a nice lavender soap or lip gloss my cousin is selling these products. Soon she will have lip balm, body wash, perfumes, and body oils as well. Her website will be launching sometime next month so you will have a chance to view it for yourself. I've tried the soap and it works and smells great!!! I can't wait to try her other products. If you want to give it a try contact her through facebook or inbox me for contact info. Here's a picture of the good smelling soap. Her line will be called Resilience Boutuqe by PEH LLC!! I will be posting again once her website is ready. Please support her you won't regret it!"

- Sherita W. 

"I just wanted to write to you telling you how much I love your soap!! Usually soap leaves my skin too dry or too oily but the first night of using your soap it left my skin feeling so soft and it smells soo good!I love it! I can't wait to try out your other products thanks Resilience Boutique by PEH LLC!!!"

- Veronica K.

"I am so in love with the lavender soap, I can't wait to get the lotion!"  - Angela S.

"My BFF is launching her own line of soaps, lip balm, lotions, and perfumes called Resilience Boutique by PEH LLC by PEH. I had the pleasure of testing 3 of her frangrances. I really liked all 3 samples but my favorite is sample 3. The fragrance is soft, subtle, and clean. Most important the scent LAST!! I also have the most sensitive skin and the perfume didn't bother my skin at all. I also tried the lavender soap and vanilla mint lip balm. Loved these as well ‪#‎future customer".

  - Juante H.

"Hey Phyllis Branch-Hughes, just wanted to take the time to tell you thanks for stopping by today and letting me get a smell of the smell good, I love the smell of #3, it's soft and has that girly girl scent to it, can't wait to purchase a bottle! And also thanks for the soap,I wash my hands constantly being in the field I'm in, and today I could tell the difference, hands still soft and smooth feeling! Lip balm, loved it and a cute design...Good luck & Much Success! Thanks again!”

- Janet R. 

"I had the pleasure of trying Resilience Boutique by PEH LLC soap over the weekend, and it's AWESOME! My skin feels so silky soft after using it for a few days, and the smell is amazing. You just can't buy soap that smells this good in stores! I'd highly recommend trying this soap for yourself. It will have you smelling irresistible for that special someone in your life. And the prices can't be beat! Check it out, ladies! Thank you for offering such amazing products for us Resilience Boutique by PEH LLC out there - I can't wait to check out more products! :)” 

- Lisa G.

"Thank you so much for the Apple Cinnamon candle. It smells great, and long lasting. Nothing like leaving the room and come in and smell the delicious smell of apples and cinnamon. ."

- Robin W.

"I tried my Vanilla and Lavender candle last night. I'll be ordering some more soon" – Glenise M.

"My mango grapefruit body wash and lotion is giving me life. Not only am I pleased with the scent but my husband loves the new fragrance as well. I can't wait to try the other scents. I am officially a Girly Gurl! Oh before I forget thank you very much for my lipgloss. It's popping. I had to hide it from my niece so I could keep it for myself. .lol" 

- Monique R.

"I love smell of the soap. Can't wait to place my order for more products. I like the lip gloss and the sweet smell of it. I will be supporting my cousin business." 

- Kenisha E.

"I tried the pure soy cinnamon apple candles and you will absolutely love the smell.It's nothing like a good smelling house. Even after I blew the candles out you could still smell them for hours. Had guest over and they enjoyed the candles as well. If your looking for a great smelling candle then try the soy cinnamon apple, you will not be disappointed!!" 

- Sherita W.


- Crystal C.

"Thanking God for another day this morning it wasn't promised but he always comes in and shows out , also thanking Phyllis Branch-Hughes for the best lip gloss I have received I love it thank you, everyone go check out her website for all types of organic candles , body wash, & etc.” 

– Resilience Boutique by PEH LLC Customer

"I love the smell of the acai berry passion fruit lotion. It leaves the skin with a soft and silky feel and has a great scent that lasts. Would definitely recommend this product." 

- Faye B.